Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paints, the flu and Chaos

We/Me are still out of balance. Well we have IT. I don't know if it is actually H1N1 (swine flu) but it is something let me tell you. The girl started with it on Friday and me and the boy followed on Saturday. We experienced 2-3 days of fevers and now we are in the 2-3 days of coughing and stuffy or runny noses.

Oh yeah and the best part! We are all REALLY crabby and irritable. And my house is in total CHAOS! I have been doing atleast two loads of laundry but they are still producing more. We have gone through pretty much 1-2 boxes of kleenex a day. My hubby is freaking. There are toys strewn about because the kids are too weak to clean them up and I am too weak to make them. We have been running the dishwasher ever day As I have been trying to use new cups and utensils for each meal and sterilizing everything each day. (vs just had washing them)

I have washed all the extra blankets that we have in the tv room. I have disinfected the doors, railings, surfaces, plastic toys, my house reaks like vinegar.

There have only been two days so far where the kids even feel like doing anything and we did a couple of crafts.

Paints: my kids LOVE to paint! finger paint, sponge paint, paint with brushes - they just LOVE it. I knew that our paint supply was getting low and had started storing the container upside down to get the last bits of paints out of the bottles. This week of illness has drawn us dangerously close to (shhhh) running out! ahhh! there I said it. I believe I have some water color kits kicking around but I have to go looking for them. This could get serious.

I'm hoping that my heathly supply of glitter glue and fluffy pom poms will be enough to keep them entertained. I may have to crack out some of my stamping supplies nothing like a new idea to keep them busy for a few hours.

Yesterday was the first day I did not enforce mandatory nap time in the afternoon and that my friends was NOT a good idea! By 6pm the girl was in full meltdown mode and could not take two steps with our throwing, yelling kicking or crying. So up to bed she went and was fast asleep before 7pm. Poor sweetpea.

So we followed with the boy shortly after at 7:30 cause he usually need the extra sleep when he's sick anyway. Because of the cerebral palsy he has to work so hard to walk and balance and when he's sick it wears him out even faster.

Worse part is I followed and was asleep before 9pm. So tired.

Everyone had a good night sleep except for me because I was up in the middle of the night with a totally stuffed up nose and checking on everyone.

The kids started coughing about 5AM and we started our day shortly after. Needless to say today there WILL BE Mandatory Nap time after an early lunch.

The plan for today is:

  • lots of fluids
  • a few extra pieces of fruit
  • changing pillow cases again
  • another box of kleenex
  • Mandatory Nap
  • Probably a full on bath and washing of the hair for the kids
  • more disinfecting of toys, surfaces, etc.

I am very thankful that we have escaped anything worse, yes we have been uncomfortable and tired and VERY irritable but other then the incessant coughing the kids and I have not experienced very much pain. So I am very grateful for that.

Be well my friends, take care to wash your hands and not touch your face. And for pete's sake if you have a fever of cough. STAY HOME.


to your health -- shann


  1. {{{{Hugs}}} to you. Been there and done that, except I didn't get it. Everybody else in this house did. I am still doing laundry to try and sanitize everything. Working on towels now.

  2. how selfish & negligent of that parent to bring their sick kid to a place like a beaver's meeting. i hope you have him shit!!!

  3. Shann .. .hugs to you guys. Hang in there