Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well I must admit that Shannon was not the only one derailed recently. My life has been out of balanced for the past few weeks as well. What happened? In my case it was my children getting the flu. I work from home and when they are sick, it puts a HUGE stress on my work and routine, on top of being worried about them!! Since I work for myself I must cancel the clients or work around things. This puts everything out of sorts, including me. Its funny how Shannon and I lead two very different lives yet the same things can happen. We all tend to get out of balanced.

My out of balanced life:

Menu planning.... who menu plans when no one but yourself is eating?
Work schedule .... gone
Hockey... one kid going one day, then the next one gets sick, then the other goes back = just messed up
House... one word " MESSED "
Activity level for mom... gone. Unless you want to count running to doctors, drugstore, naturalpath, ect.
School... running to and from one kid while healthy, homework for the next, then switch up
Homework ... haha just realized oldest has a science test tomorrow. Never told me. Never checked his planner because I got out of that habit too. YIKES.
Kids routines ... gone. You know like bathes?? whats that? lol
Social life (as in mine or time with my husband) ... gone
Blogging ... gone too
Communication with friends... gone. For example notice that both Shannon and I blogged the other days with in minutes of each other! LOL Oh yeah!!!
Groceries... no time with sick kids or energy.

As you can see in a matter of a few short weeks, my entire life got out of balanced too.


Now its time to get back into it.

  1. I need to organize my work life again. Calling clients, rebooking appointments
  2. Menu plan and grocery shop
  3. Get the boys back into normal school and sports routines!
  4. Get moving. Thank goodness for my treadmill!!!!
  5. Catch up with the real world. ie my friends, family
  6. Find time for myself every day to read/blog and relax.

That is my starting list. I'll be back in a day or so to let you know how it is going.

Wishing everyone out there a very happy and balanced week!



  1. I read your posts - and thought you must have an inside track on my life. How did you know? October was a disaster, so much to do, no time left for a breath at the end of the day. And just this morning, I wrote my first list in a month - Top 10 things to do to GET MY LIFE BACK. Today for me are the simple things - what can I do to receive instant gratification and reassert my positive attitude for those tasks that will take me longer? I've already started to put away the Halloween decorations, and put in two loads of laundry. I'm on my way. :)

  2. Deep breathe. That is what I do when things become so de-railed that I feel I can not get them back on track.
    Then I tackle one thing at a time.

    This morning was taking down Halloween and doing laundry. oh the joy!!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm getting back on track! Sherio, I know how you feel... please post your list of the top 10!!! I posted some in the next post. Will post more soon!!!

    hugs ladies!