Tuesday, November 3, 2009

back on track....

Today I feel like I'm finally getting back on track to living a balanced life again! I'm organized, I'm taking time for myself (had a massage today... was wonderful!!!) and I'm eating well, relaxed, just in a good spot. How did I do this??? Well just some minor changes in my life and the fact that my dh is away on business, so it forces me to get my act together!!!

  • menu planned
  • groceries are in the house!
  • eating healthier
  • cleaned up the house
  • organized school papers
  • had my mom come over and help (yep sometimes we all need help)
  • made sure I got 20mins on the treadmill this morning
  • taken time for myself (massage)
  • getting up a few mins earlier tomorrow to start my day
  • off to read for 20mins

Even when we make small changes it enables us to get our life back on track. My list isn't anything fabulous or out of the ordinary, but its all things that allow me to feel that sense of balance back into my life. That is what matters.

The little things really do add up, so I encourage you to change a few little things this week if your feeling out of balanced and see what happens. Does it make it difference? I'm betting it does!!!

light and love!


  1. My top 10 list to get my life back on track!
    1. Remove Halloween decorations - done. But no Christmas ones up yet - that's on next week's list. :)
    2. Laundry - oh my goodness please. How hard is it to hit the hamper? Even one load, and I start to feel better.
    3. Clean and re-org front hall - put fall hats, shoes, and coats away, and break out the hats/mitts hanger and organize bigger boots. You can't be happy to be home when the first thing you see is disaster.
    4. Groceries - make a list, go BY MYSELF, get it done. Healthy meals - even a piece of fruit - here we come. :)
    5. Update the calendar - I'm tired of saying - I was supposed to be where when? Darn it!

    Tasks 6-10 all centre around finding a new job. Contracts are short and hard to find - so hopefully with a more organized home life, I can focus my energy on finding a great contract position until next summer. Fingers crossed!

  2. Sherio, I love your list! (oh and I have my xmas stuff up too! including a tree now lol)