Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patience and a QUEST

I can tell by our nifty statcounter software that many of you are faithfully checking back with us for any news or comments to our blog and for that we thank you tremendously.

Jenn has been busy with school and studying hard and putting ALOT of effort into her assignments and learning so much about homeopathic medicine, that she truly deserves a cyber round of applause.

After a calculated job search for something that would strike a better balance for my family and I and settling nicely into a great part time job. A job of a lifetime fell into my lap. After more soul searching and planning and making contacts. I accepted and the ensuing chaos of settling in to a more demanding job has been my life for the past few months, and just when I thought I had it under control in August...school started and that has demanded my attention for the last few weeks.

However, having said that I think things are coming together and I will have more time to devote to this blog and to the QUEST at hand. A Balanced Lifestyle.

Just because I feel like I have more time in no way means I have A Balanced Lifestyle so I look forward to pushing forward with the rest of you on this quest. I need solutions for laundry, cleaning, cooking, writer's block since I blog here, here and here now.

What topics, concerns, issues are you experiencing on your quest?