Sunday, November 15, 2009


It is Sunday evening as I type this. I just finished writing in my gratitude journal and I thought maybe I should share a few things on here! I really do try to write out a few times a week a list of what I'm grateful for! It helps make me happy, loved and appreicate life just a wee bit more! ;)

1. my wonderful husband
2. my kids (and yes even the ways they are changing)
3. my trip to NYC this spring
4. CHRISTMAS is less then 40days away
5. my new treadmill (yes I'm even using it!!!) lol
6. watching the boys play hockey :)
7. Gingerbread lattes from starbucks (little piece of heaven)

Whats on your list???

1 comment:

  1. a supportive husband
    good friends that feel like family
    my mom & in-laws that i love
    painting & creating and the fact that i'm free to do that
    my plants & animal friends/companions
    rainy days & homemade soup
    cookies dipped in espresso
    the fact that i can wear track pants & crocks to work