Saturday, November 7, 2009

Menu Planning...

Why is this process always so daunting ?? Maybe because I have picky eaters? Maybe some days I'm just too lazy to plan?? Ohhh its the shop that goes with it! ??? I do actually LOVE grocery stores.

Weird, yes I know, but I do. When ever we travel its one of the first things I do, is go to a grocery store to check out whats different from fresh food to processed food! Its my thing. Ask my dh. He laughs a lot but he just knows I gotta go check it out!!!!

Back to menu planning. I normally will plan on sunday for the week. Guess tomorrow is the day for me. I need to sit down and look at who is at what rink when and who is eating supper that night at home, on the road. I also factor in my client schedule. I tend to work a few nights a week as well. The slow cooker is my friend. As is McDonalds or Pizza some nights, but I really try hard to not eat out for suppers.

I'm back on track this week with more planning. This was in my list of goals to achieve some sense of balance. ;)

Good sites to check out:

Menu Planning 4 moms (but you have to subscribe)
The Pioneer Woman (has lots of great ideas here)
Eat Right Ontario (its free)
Menu planning for two weeks (has printable charts too)
Hillbilly House Wife (sounds crazy, but great ideas and easy...really good site, free)
Organized Home (easy and free too, printable shopping list too)

There is a good start if you never menu planned before with out over whelming you. The bottom line is to just start. I've listed some pointers below to help you.

  • Involve All Family Members in Menu Planning. Give each person the chance to talk about their food likes and dislikes, favourite recipes, and what they’d like to see on the family menu. Give family members tasks such as helping out with shopping for food, unpacking groceries, setting the table, or cooking.
  • Set Aside Some Time. Spend half an hour each week in menu planning. Pick a quiet time so that you can focus.
  • Get It In Writing. Brainstorm a list of meal ideas. Write down your ideas to help you remember them. Putting your menus in writing means that you can use them again in the future.
  • Start with the Main Attraction. First, decide on the main course for each meal over the coming week. Think about food your family enjoys, your budget, the time you have to prepare the food, and nutrition.
  • Mix It up. Try to introduce one new main course each week, so that your family gets to experience new tastes. Adding new main courses also makes it more likely that your family members will get all the nutrients they need.
  • Use Leftovers. Look for chances to use the leftovers from one meal at another meal later in the week.
  • Super Sides. Once you’ve come up with a main course for each meal, add on side dishes (e.g., vegetables, fruit and whole-grain side dishes such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta).
  • Mix It up. As with the main courses, look for chances to sneak in new healthy food choices.

  • Please share any tips you have on menu planning :)
    Happy planning....


    1. This is great! i have been menu planning . for the past several months and it has made the biggest difference. Thank you!