Monday, November 30, 2009

Some natural things to do for cold/flu..

With cold and flu season underway I have had lots of questions on what you can do to naturally fight of these things. I am a registered reflexology practitioner, not a naturopath or homeopathic, so please note these are my personal opinions and not the gospel. You can always check in with your local Homeopathic or Naturopath doctor. Minda Ahaju, ND is a fantastic Naturopath in West Mountrose and the one I go see! You can find a link to her information here.

So, first off the basics is lots of rest (sleep is key), plenty of water, exercise and take a good multivitamin! In this busy season make sure you keep going to your regular massages, reflexology, chiropractic or whatever alternative things you do! It is so easy in this busy season to just drop them and not do anything. Its your health, so take care of yourself! Some of the other things you can do is take extra Vitamin D and C to aid in preventing colds and flues. There has been lots of studies recently showing that vitamin D is aiding in preventing some flues. Vitamin D is also great to take in the winter due to the lack of sunshine we get.

If you feel a virus or cold coming on you can take a drop from Echinamide called Anti-cold or Anti-virus. There is a wild cherry flavour for kids too! Boiron makes Oscillococcinum which can be taken if you feel flu symptoms coming on and of course lots of people use Cold f/x too. Oil of Oregano is another great thing for sore throats and colds. This is sold in liquid form and is very strong. Just a drop or two is needed. I use it with a bowl of hot water and create a steam bath to inhale. Just add one or two drops and put a towel over your head tent it over the bowl. Close your eyes because it will sting if you have them open. Just sit there for 10 or 15mins and breathe it in deep!

These are just some tips that can guide you through some natural ideas! Contact a Naturopath or Homeopathic to find out more.

Remember flues/colds attack us when we are worn out and just plain tired. Take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and water and eat well! It really does help!

Stay healthy this season!

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