Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happiness challenge

Its 2010 everyone is pumped up for a new start. Loosing weight, organizing, trying their best, well I thought I'd issue a challenge. A Happiness challenge.

TRUE happiness has no reason.

It's a CHOICE.

Today, find one reason for joy.

Focus on that for the day

We focus on what we want. Life is about choices.... choose happiness!!!

What is your joy for today???


  1. Love this Jenn = what a great challenge to start the new year.

  2. Thanks Lori :) Today my joy is my job! First day back to school...its quiet, I can focus. I love my job!


  3. Love the challenge Jenn. For me it is peace today, we have had a steady stream of company over the holidays, today I actually have the house to myself, just me and the dog, and it is peaceful. Giving me time to regroup and recharge.

  4. My joy today are my children. There's nothing that compares to listening to their voices as they play together. That's my joy :)

  5. Order. My joy for the day is order. Getting my house back after the holidays, and putting things in order!!!

    Great challenge Jenn!!!

  6. Memories is my joy for today. Memories of a wonderful Christmas with family and seeing my close friends again after being away for 5 months. I will definitely hold on to my memories today.

  7. my joy today is teaching my dance classes. I love the joy that the kids bring me from just being them.

  8. ...this may sound corny, but I am just happy to be alive! I'm sitting here on my lunch break.. not feeling that great, a cold is hitting....but I am refreshed in knowing that I'm healthy and surrounded by friends and family that love me...... THAT is my JOY... just being:)