Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting Organized

Since the holidays, I have put on a few pounds which only seems to have AMPLIFIED my already growing belly. Since I'm 1/2 way now, I suppose I should be more agreeable that "the belly" has popped and I now LOOK pregnant.

A few days ago I took advantage of the boxing week sales and bought some clothes for my preggo butt. Since I gave most of my other stuff away or lent it out. Silly me.

So now I had to clear out the stuff that I didn't want to stretch all out of shape and set up my closet to work for me for the next 10 months or so.

I could kick myself for not taking the BEFORE of my own armoir, but my daughter has the same one as me and it looks pretty much how mine looked so I used hers for the before shot.
I pulled everything out shelf by self and sorted what was a small or a medium (definately not for the next 10 months). Then I sorted out what was a large and decided if I would be heartbroken if it got stretched all to crap . Some of my long sleeved shirts are older and so some of them got to stay because they were on their way to the donation bin anyway and I may as well wear them instead of buying "maternity" shirts at $39 a pop. (don't get me started on THAT hiway robbery). Ususally I scour the consignment stores for Maternity clothes but this time around I find myself a little short on time and I have a maternity store very close to where I work.
Next I tucked all my small and medium clothes into a couple of bags and stored them in the bottom of my hanging side (left) for safe keeping, nothing worse than Medium sized underwear on a x-large pregnant butt. Nothing can withstand that stress!
I also sorted out t-shirts and started a donation box for the items that I will likely never where again due to style, size or color.
Then I started putting everything back in. Regular sized items at the back of the shelf and pregger stuff at the front of the shelf to get used first.
Now my armoir looks like this.

A little more space, all my suits and jackets on the left, notice my running shoes on the bottom shelf right at the front as a reminder to USE them as soon as I feel ready. Also on the bottom shelf are all my plus one or two size clothes that I will fit into right after the baby is born, hopefully I won't have to wear them for too long. Hence the positioning right beside my running shoes!
This took a good 2-3 hours today, but will be well worth it over the next year. It will also save my wardrobe which I just spent mega $$$ on this fall before I found out I was preggers. DANG! Cause if your like me, I always think I can fit into something one more time and I stretch it all to heck. Not good!
2010 is starting out well. I've had a bit of a rest and now it's time to start thinking about dinner tonight and dinner on Sunday for my SIL and DAD's birthday!
mmmmm what will I cook???

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