Friday, January 29, 2010

Tips from Success Magazine

Shann and I both enjoy and read Success Magazine! It is a business magazine, but it is chalked full of positive attitude and living articles! One of the latest posts on their blog was the 12 Top Tips for 2009 and I thought I'd share a few!

You can check the full article here.

My favs are .....

8. Live in the moment. In the spring of 1994, Michael J. Fox began to accept Parkinson’s disease and live in and enjoy the moment. “Yesterday’s losses and tomorrow’s trials were no longer the only poles of my existence,” he writes in Lucky Man.

9. Make each day the very best. “There is no dress rehearsal. You can either lay in bed all day and feel sorry for yourself or you can get up every morning at 6 and try to make the best of the day.” —David Foster

11. Trust things will turn in your favor. “You may be going through great difficulties, and you’re tempted to think, I’m never going to get out of this. This is never going to change. I’m never going to win this situation. Stand strong. When negative thoughts come, reject them.” —Joel Osteen

Those are just three I like. Honestly LOVE the entire list. Its a good list to go look at!!! Remember attitude is everything! :) Living in the moment is not always easy to do but it is so essential for enjoying life! Too many people live life always looking forward or back. You need to look at the now and enjoy it! Making each day the best goes hand in hand with enjoying the moments! If you make every day the best day, you can't go wrong! The last one deals with attitude! If you think your doomed... you will be! If you think things will be okay and take the positive road, it likely will be that!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Hi Jenn. I like what you've written here. I didn't know that about Michael J. Fox. It shows that even when we are going through some type of difficulty in life, we can still try to make the best of it by living in the moment and having a positive attitude.