Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lets talk health....

Okay switching gears on here, lets talk our HEALTH.

My husband and I are registering for a six month (yes o.m.g. you read that right 6 month) challenge on the X-weighted site.

You can head over here to check the challenge and sign up yourself! You do not need to get to one of the gym locations. They are setting it up that you can follow on line too. You have to be able to give in your measurements, weight and do their fitness test.

In six months time we will retake our measurements, weight and re do the fitness test to see if we met our goals.

OY is all I can say on this. However, the fact that he said yes and committed to doing this challenge with me was huge! I know have a partner to keep me honest, cheer me on and I can do the same for him.

If you live me near me and see me cranky over the next month, don't be surprised!!!! Hopefully it won't be that bad, but you never know!

Why are we doing this? We both have some weight to loose. Although I'm sure I have more then him! We want to be good examples to our children. I would like to keep up with my kids! My field hockey season is just around the corner and as much as I enjoyed getting into again last year after a 20 year hitatus, man I sucked a lot of wind! I need to get in shape. We see health issues going on around us all the time, between my clients and our family. Its just time. Then I saw this picture on the net.

Its an xray of a larger person vs a healthy weight person. Yep that was the final straw for me. I have a natural health background. I know my extra weight is bad for me. I know what it is doing to my insides.

So today is day one and honestly I'm not sure how we will do on this challenge. Our goals are different, but hey we are in this together!

Once in a while I will blog on how we are doing! If anyone wants to join the challenge (and I think its open to Canadians only???) you can still register today! Just go here. Let me know if your doing the challenge too!

Wish us luck!


  1. Way to go Jenn!!! I signed up as well. I know we can do this!!!!!

  2. Good for you Jenn & Tim! Are you gonna be on the show too??! :D I love that show!!! I'm off to see the site! I need a butt kick too! I'm gonna sign up too!!

  3. oh my!! That image is so scary!! I think I needed to see that! Good for you- I won't wish you luck, you don't need it! Enjoy the process of getting healthier!

  4. thanks ladies!

    Amanda, nope we won't be on the show (thank god) but Ria is on their blog!!! hehe She will be doing the next 6months on their offical blog!


  5. OMG!!!!! that pic did it for me!!!! i just joined the challenge!!! i just took my before pic--i almost cried!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

    have a 36 pound goal starting NOW!!!

    thanks sister!

  6. I am registered and ready to get back in shape!!!

    Cheering you on from here!!!