Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Had to giggle today....

I was going to blog about health, but I had an email that made me laugh out loud, so i've decide to switch gears and talk about it!!! What was it about. Well it was customer service (or lack of) oriented!

A NUMBER of months ago I had emailed my mortgage broker to look into some different options. I stressed that we really wanted to check some things outs and as soon as possible. Well that was September. Actually that was September 23rd and TODAY (as in January 27th) I finally received an email back. Not even a real answer, just a lets get together email. That was my first contact with this person since my initial email.


I don't think they really wanted our business much!!!

In the words of Shannon EPIC FAIL on customer service.

If I didn't answer one of my customers back until four months later, it would be safe to say that I would not have that person anymore.

I guess that brings to me customer service. If your interested in reading up on it, check out Jeffrey Gitomer! He is a guru on customer service and sales! He's written books and seminars on it! You can check out some of his books here! I've read most of them and never been disappointed.

Maybe I should send my mortgage broker (or shall I say my ex-mortgage broker) a copy of some of these books ;)

Certainly provided me with my eye roll and chuckle for the day. We moved into action and found someone to help us by the beginning of October. She missed out by three months. Big deal?? Maybe not, but to us we know who we will never recommend or use again. Word of mouth can travel fast and make or destroy a business. It is wise words to treat your customers well. They are a BIG part of your business after all.

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  1. Big BIG, HUGE pet peeve of mine. Lesson to be learned for anyone here.I would send them the book on Customer Loyalty and a note that tells them exactly why you are no longer their customer...umm hello 4 month response time is not acceptable on any planet let alone this one. a $20 gift might save their career and that's good karma!