Friday, October 2, 2009

More Positive Attitude

I came here today to right a more comprehensive review of this book and how it has changed my life. However, when I started going through the book to pull out some of my favorite parts, I for the life of me could not choose.

So being the Type A person that I am I created a criteria for choosing the things I liked most. I decided that if the page was folded down or the corner was clean tore off that would be a good place to start.

53 pages! to choose from, still too many parameters. So this time I decided to chuck the Type A approach and just write from my heart.

I have always been a pretty positive person. I have had many challenges in my life, some I have created and some blessed upon me by others. It is now that I am able to view these as opportunities vs getting down and depressed about the amount of CRAP I have to deal with.

Jenn had received this book from a dear friend. She blogged about it and I read the blog post about it. I headed out that day for lunch and thought I would check at Chapters to see if they had it. They did. I started reading it right there in the store. An hour later I realized I was still reading and now late for work. I scurried back to work and placed the book on my desk. For a few weeks it traveled back and forth with me to and from work. Finally I decided it was so valuable in both places I bought a second copy.

This book is about seeing my life as MY choice, MY responsibility.

One of my most favorite parts is in Chapter 5 in this chapter he talks about problems and how to work with them. "Start thinking by reading and writing. Everyone has problems, issues, challenges, and drama in their lives. The difference between positive resolve and negative resolve is the thought process that goes into figuring out the solution."

How many of us can say they spent as much time thinking about the possible solutions as we do complaining or worrying about the problem, issues, what have you.

This concept changed my life and how I view everything. I was there already, but this book helped cement this solution oriented living in my consciousness. I have the power.

This summer and fall as our family has seen several changes in our therapy care partners and school education partners for our son with Cerebral Palsy, it would be easy to be upset by the changes to rail against them. To beg and plead with the "powers that be" not to change things -- We have had too much change. To demand that others figure out away to continue with status quo.

Instead, we are choosing to view this as an opportunity to learn to survive change, deal with change and adapt with change. After all is this not a powerful gift to our son who will surely experience changes in his care providers for the rest of his life.

There are few things I know for certain in this life, but I do know everything will CHANGE.

You can wallow around and have yourself a pity party forever, or you can get with the program and be active in creating desirable solutions.

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Be the Change you want to see - Shannon


  1. Shannon I admire your positive thinking - I shall send you and your family positive thoughts and prayers!

  2. Great blog -- totally going to pick up the book, for me and my family!

  3. Ladies, seriously... the book is AMAZING. I've read it countless times and I'm rereading it again now!