Sunday, October 18, 2009

I know...

We should be recapping are awesome experience in London at the Jeffrey Gitomer Workshop! It was amazing, but this weekend has been hectic for both of us. Shannon has been running a scrapbooking retreat weekend (she is a CM rep) and I've been in the rink from morning to night! A life in balance right? hehe

Instead we are changing gears for a day! The recap will come!!!

I wanted to talk about some health self help! As most of you know I am a reflexology practitioner! You can check out an interactive map for feet and hands here! Its a great way to learn some self help!

One of the best tools to help yourself is grabbing a golf or tennis ball and simply rolling it on the bottom of your foot. All the way from the heel to the tips of the toes. Sit down on a chair to do this (just to be safe). It will help promote your circulation and just feel relaxing.

If your sinus's are acting up, grab a pen and roll it between your finger tips. You will feel a "crunch" happening and that is your sinus reflexes! It does really help!

Lastly, if you have a headache. Press the "v" webbing between your thumb and forefinger. Press right back by the bone area in that web, pressing both top and bottom. Yes it will hurt. Hold for about 30 seconds, then moving to the other hand. This should help take the edge of your headache!

All these are cool little self help tips to help you become more in balance.

There will be more to come!

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