Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YES! Attitude - A Book Review and give away

First I should admit that I have a little bit of a book problem. I own hundreds of books. My mom has it, my grandfather has it (he is a retired journalist). But if there is only 1 book I could take with me and had to give up all the others. Jeffery Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude is the book I would keep with me forever and always.

The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude.

Jeffery is a kick ass kind of guy, no B.S., no excuses. Personally, I appreciate receiving my information like that, blunt and to the point. “What’s the bottom line."

I have purchased this book for myself, friends and even my nieces and nephews upon their various graduations. I even gave this book as a parting gift to my summer student at work. That’s how much I like this book. During a tough time for Jenn, Jeffery's gracious editor Jessica McDougall sent her a copy of this book. Jenn will tell you it is one of the greatest gifts she has ever received.

The Little Gold Book offers practical tips to help you reframe your thinking, to find your passion and the fire inside you and let it out. It gives you tips on how to be more positive with others whether it is a business relationship, a personal partnership or with your family. You can open this book to any page and find something useful and practical to apply to your life right now!

This book is well rounded, providing guidance for improving your attitude in every aspect of your life.

We love this book so much we are giving one away. So leave a comment on how you keep a positive attitude and we will announce the winner on Monday.

We also wanted to let you know that Jeffery Gitomer is coming to London, Ontario on Thursday October 15th.

I have seen him speak before and I have to tell you he is a very wise man, very current, he knows what’s working and what is not in this time and economy.

If you want to take your career or business to the next level this is the event you should attend. You can find out more at



  1. Sounds like everyone should have a copy of this book...I know for myself, sometimes, it seems too difficult to look past the things that aren't going as planned. I joke with my husband that the only luck we have is Bad Luck, but that may be for things like renovations or cars or material things...I have been blessed with 2 amazing bouts of the Best Luck- my kids! So, right now for instance, with all of the sickness in our house & the still ripped apart bathroom, Roman & Sophia are performing a "dance revue". How can I not stay positive?
    Jen Brighton-Giulietti

  2. Chat with good friends... they can usually see something within my situation that I can not...

  3. For me, I count my blessings every night before I close my eyes - it helps me end the day (and then start the next day) on the right note. I try to take some time for myself to walk a few km (sometimes with the pup in tow) - it helps clear the jumble of panic and overwhelming feelings from my head and gives me time to re-focus on the positive. And Jen is right - my girls are everything that is right in my world - a big hug from them and I am smiling again. :)

  4. This sounds like a fabulous book!!!!!

    I find that surrounding myself with good, positive friends goes a long way to helping me stay positive. I also take time every day to think of all the things I have to be grateful for -- like my wonderful children who make every day extra special. I am so blessed in so many ways and that's what I focus on when I need a boost.

  5. Totally love the book!!! I will have to get one cause it sounds perfect!

    How do I keep a positive attitude? Well I just keep going through all the good in my life. Healthy family, wonderful husband, super helpful daughters, lovely home, healthy food on the table, fantastic nieces, fabulous friends, incredible support network.

    Soon after going over my list, I do feel better, and the more I think of the good, the better I feel.

    Now to write them down in a little journal like Jenn has told me she does.

  6. This sounds like an awesome book and if Jenn recommends it I know it is great (sorry Shann, don't know you well enough yet).

    I'll have to be looking for this on my next trip to Chapters.

  7. I honestly believe we can never have too much positivity surrounding us.

    I have been very guilty in the past of feeling sorry for myself and focusing on what I don't have. It is very emotionally draining and wrecks havoc on your inner and outer self.

    I may not have a ton of money, or a fancy new car...... but I do have my health,.. husband, children and a nice warm bed at the end of the day... that makes me very 'rich' indeed. I am surrounded by the many 'riches' of life... and another book to remind me of this would be truly appreciated.:)

  8. I try to keep everything in perspective. Not to get too excited about the bad stuff... and keep in mind what is important in life.

    Sounds like a good book!

  9. Having just suffererd a heart attack, my first thought was OMG, what did I do to deserve this? Thoughts of death danced through my head alot. The docs told me that depression is normal following a heart attack and that also scared me. I knew that I had to make drastic changes in my life and fast. Even though things seem horrible right now, I still wake up every day and thank my angels for watching over me. I try to change a little every day. I look at alot of things different and I squeeze my grandsons extra hard before they go to school/daycare. Even when I feel pain and/or tiredness which is most of the day, I still feel lucky and thankful to be alive. I know I will recover and live a long life. I also have wonderful, supportive friends who are there for me always. I am very, very lucky

  10. I have been following your blog since you got it started about a week ago. Love love it. Something we need. It can be so easy sometimes to get sucked into negative thoughts processes. Comparing our lives to those who seem to have it all. For me counting my blessings everyday helps; spending time alone in quiet contemplation and meditation; or just doing something creative helps to keep me grounded.

  11. You guys are great........I have lived a "positive" life for many years now. Sometimes it is easy to see the bad before the good....but...stopping, pausing and thinking about what you really want to say instead of blurting out the first thing that comes to mind helps; and you know what? you feel better when you don't stick your head (your mind) in that black cloud and keep it in your head.

    Walking around with a smile on your face and thinking good thoughts take you to much sunny'r places and truly places I want to be in my life!

  12. Sounds like a great book. No matter what tools you use to stay positive, you always need a tap on the shoulder to keep you on track.

  13. I talk to Jenn for a few mins!! No really I just take everything one step at a time. After all in my life I have been thru a lot worse and I could be there again