Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More about Attitude

The book and author that we were talking about, Jeffrey Gitomer, has a free webcast happening RIGHT NOW on the Success Magazine Blog! He is offering a great 10 week challenge on how to succeed in this economy. Even if you don't sign up for the rest the first lesson is all about his Yes! Attitude. How perfect!

By now you know we love this guy and feel that his message of attitude, gratitude and responsibility are very important. If you are feeling out of balanced, stressed about finances, relationships or your career, there is just something about this gentleman's charisma and passion that can get you motivated. He shoots from the hip, calls a spade a spade, and somehow helps you find the confidence to be able to say I CAN DEAL WITH THIS. The time is now!

We all need a little bit of that kind of mojo don't we. Its a great 10min video and/or read! Go check it out!!!

You can find it by going here to watch and read about it!

Tickets are still available to see Jeffery in London, Ontario this Thursday! We are going and would love to see some familiar faces there. www.buygitomer.com

Have a great day and remember this is a SHORT week!


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