Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jeffery Gitomer in London a review.

Finally, I have two seconds to get my thoughts down on this trip.

We booked this trip MONTHS ago. We bought out tickets and dediced to book a hotel room and make it a little mommy get away in the middle of the week. Jeffery was to go on stage at 8AM and there is no way I would have been relaxed getting up at 5AM to drive to London.

At first we had planned to leave shortly after lunch on Wednesday afternoon to drive down and do some shopping go out for dinner, workout, hot tub and hang out. However, our MOM duties increasingly encroached on this time, between packing for my scrapbooking weekend, beavers for the boy and Jenn super hockey schedule we found ourselves leaving KW at 6:15PM. We quickly settled into driving and had a great chat on the way down to London. We located the hotel to spite some directionally challanging moments and unloaded the bags out of the car.

We settled into our room and decided to head down to the restaurant for dinner not wanting to venture out in the COLD. The restaurant had an hour wait so we decided to eat in the bar, which due to poor service was almost an hour wait as well. Mildly ticked with our service we headed up to hour rooms since it was almost 9PM!

Although the front desk had given us access codes for the internet they did not tell us what the name of the server was (we had naively assumed it would be called THIS HOTEL - CUSTOMER SERVER silly us. We had to call to find out the name of the server. Internet was sporadic at best we managed to do more twitter updates from our phones than from the actual internet. Most saying things like #hiltonepicfail

We finally gave up on the computers and settled into our fluffy beds and talked and giggled for a few hours before declaring we had better go to bed or we'll be so tired in the morning.

In the morning we were up and ready to go, on our way downstairs shortly before 7:30am there was a light breakfast available and not enough COFFEE (my god!) I only took half a cup so the poor lady behind me would get half a cup as well.

Now imagine if you will appoximately 1000 people in a space able to accommodate oh maybe 500 can you say squishy. Finally the doors opened at 7:50 and we were able to go in and find a seat. There was seating for about 3-4000 and I swear to you by 8:15 it was FULL.

Jenn is friends with Jeffery's girlfriend Jessica so she went up to say hello. As you know he had a little gift for her from Jessica since she couldn't make this trip.

8AM Jeffery started. Now, I have seen Jeffery before I was able to see him in Toronto in January so I knew what to expect, there were a few new things but alot of it was the same. This was great! Not only did I get to hear the samething again but this time I was looking at it from a vantage point of how well have I done implementing the ideas he raised. I had a lot of fun talking with other people and getting their take or lack thereof of Jeffery's message.

His message is sales based as he is a Sales Guru, but you can take a lot of tips and incorporate them into your every day life too. I don't mean that you have to sell things either!

Number one rule in sales or life general: YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON. We live in a world that it seems selfish to think this, but it is so true. From a mother's perspective if we don't take care of ourselves and remain healthy how can we help our loved ones?? You have to make some "me" time and not feel guilty about it. It is treated as awful or your looked down upon for taking time to yourself. Especially mothers. Its in grained in us to put our kids first, then husband, then us, maybe.

Number two is simply THINK! You truly become what you think about. You think positive thoughts you'll see more positive things around you. You think negative, you'll find the negative. Simple. Think you can and you will, think you can't and trust me, you won't!!!

Number three is OWN. As in own up and take responsibility. This can be in things that were said, done, at home, with friends at work. Whatever, stop passing the blame. The buck ends here.

Number four is BECOME. You don't get positive over night. It takes "daily" doses. Read positive things, surround yourself with positive people. Read, listen and practice daily!!! Even if its only 15mins! Do it!! Turn off the news. You don't need to watch it every single night! Or wake up 15mins earlier and start the day off right but reading or writing!

Number five is ATTITUDE! Attitude is everything! Make yours a YES! Attitude!

We of course learned a lot more then this, but like I said these are the ones that tie inot beuilding a balanced life!


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