Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grocery Shopping Bags

So let's talk about some of the things we do our use to "go green" or reduce our "carbon footprint"

By now I would assume that everyone has purchased one or two of your favorite grocery store "eco-bags". I am a Sobey's shopper myself so I have the bright green bags with large photos of Artichokes, blueberries and oranges on them. Not to discriminate I also have a couple from Zehr's, Chapters, my local butcher shop, drug stores and some that I have won as prizes.

But Shannon you ask, How many bags to you have? Too many! probably 20, that's just crazy talk. Unless you are Kate Gosselin shopping for a months worth of groceries you can't possibly need 20 bags!

The truth is...I can't remember to put them back in my car... and when I do, I have forgotten to take them into the store. Unbelievable. So with approximately 20 bags I have managed to mantain a routine of cycling them through the purchase, unpacking, storage and eventually ending up back in the car to get used at the grocery store again.

I do have shopping bag envy though..... and it looks like this.

Blue Avocado is probably the chicest, cutest supplier of eco friendly shopping bags. They have bags for everything, shopping, produce, insulated. EVERYTHING. And they fold up into a cute adorable pouch that can fit in your purse.

So if I'm on anyone's Christmas list this year. This is what you can get me.

How many grocery shopping bags do you have?



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