Sunday, October 4, 2009

More about Attitude

I know, I know, we talk a lot about attitude don’t we! Well it is because its one of the most important choices we have in our life. There are a number of things that are out of our control, but our attitude is not one of them. We have FREE choice on how we deal with our attitude. We choose to have a good or not. Yes I realize when we are grumpy and it feels like everything is going wrong around us it is easy to just say "screw it", but again that is our choice to think that way.

I know as I type this I’m waiting for someone to show up. A good friend I’m meeting up with. She is late at the moment and I could get all pissed off that she is late (it is one of my pet peeves), but instead I choose a different attitude. I grabbed my laptop and I’m working on this blog post.

Ever heard that saying, “it is all in the attitude”? Well they are absolutely right. Attitude is everything. Good or bad, the choice is yours, but it is everything. It is your outlook on life. We can get mad when we are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic or chose to use that time to listen something on the CD, or be thankful we’re not in the accident ahead of us, count our blessings, that sort of thing.

Have you noticed that when you are around someone with a pleasant attitude, yours can change that way and vice versa, if you with someone that is very negative you can change that way or you feel drained, tired and irritated.

You choose in every situation how your attitude is going to be. Even when someone is making you angry you can choose to have a good attitude and trust me I KNOW that is not easy, but it can be done.

A friend asked me recently how do you get to a point where you are so positive on most things. Truth is I'm not always, but I have a GREAT network of support around me that I text, blackberry, email, call whatever when I'm feeling negative. They know how to get me back and I do the same for them. I have to admit its been years in working towards trying to keep a positive attitude and I know there is always room for improvement. One of the biggest things that has helped me on this journey is reading books on positive attitudes! When I say reading them, I mean every day!! That said don't forget to go our book review post here and enter to win a copy of Jeffrey's Yes!Attitude. You have till tomorrow to enter!!!! In the coming posts we will talk about how to get your attitude on the right track, but reading all kinds of books on the subject is a great way to start!


  1. Great post Jen! and OH SO TRUE!!
    Once you stay focused and have YOUR GROOVE on, anything is possible. Your mind, body and soul are aligned and you are running as a well oiled machine.

    Negativity, has no place in my world and I am trying so hard to RID my life of it!


  2. Patti you are awesome you know that!! Love ya darling! xo jenn

  3. Awww, thanks Jenn!
    It has taken a LONG time to get this mindset, but things tend to get better with age, that is my story!!