Monday, May 31, 2010

What do you do when your too busy???

SLOW DOWN... and smell the flowers! ;)

Slow down!!!

Yeah seems obvious, but its true. Do something for 5mins that you love. Slow down. Have a glass of wine on your deck, porch, enjoy the sun, the moonlight! WHATEVER but slow down. Book yourself a massage or some reflexology!!!!

It always amazes me when clients walk in talking about 50miles a min and to see the change in them as the session of reflexology begins. I'm no different. My reflexologist could tell you that (right Kate! lol)

Slow down and smell the flowers!!!

Life is busy, but it is only as busy as you make it. Find those few mins to read something positive, write an email to a friend, have a coffee, tea, glass of wine.

Just do it (as nike would say)

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