Saturday, May 22, 2010

Letting go...

Inhale ...



exhale ...


Keep repeating.

I mentioned the other day that I had a bit of melt down and my friend help me turn it around. I realized a few things since then.

1) My PMA (positive mental attitude Hill and Stone) was shot. I had been running on NO sleep, poor nutrition since my NYC trip and when this happens, it is easy to loose your PMA.

2) I have to let it go. (again thanks Marissa and Minda for some guidance)

Let go of what you might ask?

Let go of someone ... of the competition with them or always trying to be above them or one up or the same, always trying to be in your face kind of behaviour, you get the picture. Yes not my normal behaviour at all. As I type this it feels good. I have forgiven myself and I am moving forward. I did not even realized I harbor this kind of attitude towards this person.

I have been hurt so many times by their words towards me I think I built this barrier, but in doing so I actually attract their behaviour I detest towards me! Why? Because its the kind I'm putting out. When your wishing someone karma to come get them, it only attracts that to you. Make sense? Maybe not to some, but its clear to me what I have to do.

I am letting go. Letting go of them and changing my attitude. It starts now. I can do this.

After all attitude is everything.

Here's to a new start.

Remember, attitude is everything and that is a life lesson we all need to keep doing, repeating and practicing!

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