Friday, May 21, 2010

attitude is everything

We keep saying that on here and we do believe it! AND yesterday during a meltdown moment for me (jenn) I realized it. It took my friend Marrissa to snap me out of it! (thanks girlfriend). Sometimes it is hard to not had down that path of frustration and anger. Things around you are making you upset, lack of sleep and whammo it all adds up.

Crazy, but it is life.

So what happened??? I was mad, very mad. I posted a few choice words on my personal twitter account and my dear friend messaged me right away. We chatted and she was able to help me put things into perspective.

Sometimes that is all we need. I trust her. She is part of my group of a few people that know a lot about me (as in the ups and downs) and I go to her. We've talked about having this close group of friends before. Yesterday I realized how important it is.

So today I'm back with a "yes" attitude (thanks Jeffrey) and I'm looking forward to the long weekend!!!

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