Sunday, May 2, 2010

being happy...

Learning to be happy right now where you are can be one of the hardest things. Some people are always looking ahead. Looking back. Looking anywhere but right now in the moment. I always says that it is called the present moment because it is a gift to us! A "present" for us to enjoy!

Are you happy with the "right now" in your life? It isn't always easy to relax and enjoy the moment but it something we can all do. Different ways to help.

1. Gratitude. Find something to be thankful right this second in your life! Focus on it! Those good happy feelings that the gratitude bring make it easier to be in the moment (and happy)

2. Smile. Nothing like a smile that change your in the moment feeling/attitude.

3. Do something for you. Read, shop, exercise. Do something YOU love. Put some music on and dance!!!

4. Spend time with a pet. It has been proven that pets enrich our lives. They make us happy, feel loved.

5. Get outside, even in the rain. It doesn't matter the weather, just go out and enjoy the rain, sun, wind :)

6. Develop your faith. It might seem crazy to some, but when you develop your faith, your happiness increases!

7. Take a bubble bath. Come on how doesn't even reading that make you happy???

8. Keep a journal. Mine is a gratitude journal where every day I write down a few things that I"m grateful for and make me happy!

9. Start a creative hobby. Scrapbooking, sewing, cooking, art. Something that allows you to express your joy and happiness.

10. Just embrace the moment and learn to be happy. Happiness is ultimately a choice.

What is your happiness today?

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  1. so true & a MUCH needed read for me today--MUCH.