Saturday, April 17, 2010

slow food part one

When I say slow food what comes to your mind? Lazy weekend bbq's? Roast beef dinners? The truth is the slow movements are so much more then that. It is about cooking from scratch in a simple way, using real ingredients and sitting around the table!

These days we are so "busy" on the run, no time to spend with family that we seem to eat in the fast lane. Processed foods or fast food that are easy and convenient! We are guilty of that in this house hold as well! I am not saying we are perfect!!! Just the other day we ran out of time so we grabbed a ready made frozen meal.

I always hear oh we don't have time, I don't like to cook, it is cheaper to eat this stuff rather then fresh.

Well might be true, but after studying nutrition and anatomy in my school course (and I've just start the tip of the ice burg so to speak in those courses) I have realized how important it is to have real food. Wholesome food. Part of what makes it healthy for us is the love that is put in it to prepare it for you and your family. (Yes that is my holistic nutrient course speaking there!)

Lets face the facts. We are all busy. Life is choices. You can make the effort to eat a bit better and more times around the table or not bother and cruise through the fast lane and take the consequences that will eventually come with that.

What are they?

Heart disease
High blood pressure
Diabetes type II
Slow Digestive systems (which lead to another entire set of issues)

Those are just a few of the things that our food intake effects.

Jamie Oliver is trying to lead a charge on this in the United States. You can here and check and sign (yes Canucks can now sign) on Jamie's Food Revolution! He is trying to get people to cook simple foods to keep them away from the processed food and fast food!

You can also check out some "Slow food movements" such as:

check out those sites. They have some great ideas!

Over the next few days Shann and I will be back with some simple recipes that are fast and easy to make!

Happy Saturday and hope you take the time to cook this weekend!


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  1. I guess I was ahead of my time. LOL I have always cooked from scratch for a number of years now, before it was called the slow food movement. Can't wait to see what recipes you will post later.