Monday, December 21, 2009

Stop rushing...

The simple truth is that rushing has become a habit for many of us and it is not particularly a good habit! It has a negative effect on our mental, spiritual and physical health. When you are rushing the body literally is in panic mode. The physical systems feel as if they are constantly being stressed to meet imaginary deadlines. An occasional shot of adrenaline might be good for you but a continuous stream of it will wear down the body and its immune system. You will tend to get sick more often, feel more fatigued, enervated and listless.

Slow down. Find five minutes to sit and breathe deeply and grab a tennis or golf ball and roll it on the bottom of your feet, especially in the arch. This is where your adrenal reflexes are located.

In the next few days rushing is going to be the state for most people. Take time to stop, slow down and just breathe deeply and know that tomorrow is another day. Otherwise, we see people sick over the holiday season or just after it. Why, because as soon as they do slow down, their immune system catches up to them. Instead they needed to slow down over all before that big day on the 25th. We make time for what we want in our lives. Make a few minutes to slow down every day this week!!! Life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it!!!

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