Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Holiday Stress and Cheers

This is shaping up to be some kind of holiday here at the homestead.

I was pretty proud of myself this year. I have my kids totally looked after for Christmas and most of my other gifts. My shopping list for the week before Christmas is made so I know what I have to pick up so we can eat for two weeks without having to go out for anything. I still have a few gifts to pick up for the neices and nephews but I'm not stressed about it. I have 6 lunch hours left to pick everything up.

My hubby was a HUGE help this year as we split up the list and he picked up a bunch of things to make my life easier.

We have been able to do all this on budget and for cash, no credit cards this year! AMAZING!

But we all know there are checks and balances in the universe and the piper needs to be paid, usually NOW not later.

We discovered and had confirmed that our 13 year old boxer has a cancerous tumor and it is growing rapidly. We will likely get through Christmas but will have to say good bye to our steady companion shortly after Christmas. He has had a wonderful life and has been an excellent family pet and a beautiful spirit. He will be missed dearly. This will be an adjustment for our kids 6 and 3, but also for us adults.

On the day of the vet visit to have this sad news confirmed the check engine light came on in my car. Since I commute more than a few miles back and forth to work I thought it was best to have it checked out. $300 and a bit, later... then while my car is in the shop, I get a call from my hubby who is out trying to finish up some Christmas shopping for me. His Truck has died, it will not start.


Who knows what that will cost but needless to say the credit card will be coming out.

However today was the Primary Christmas concert at my sons school, a wonderful magical event that warms your heart.

We are always so proud of our son and this year was no different. It is the things like that will be remembered about this Christmas.

I can't wait to see the kids faces light up with each gift that their grandparents, aunts and uncles have decided to spoil them with.

Our children will be cleaning out their toy room this weekend to donate toys they don't play with for others who may not be getting any toys this year.

We generally only have one gift for our kids "from Santa" and one small gift from mom and dad plus their stockings filled with neccesities, ie, socks, underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.

This has been a tough tough year for many people in our community, so far we have had a few knocks but we will be okay.

I continue to believe that we have the tools to deal with whatever is given to us. We just have to believe it is possible to deal with it.

That is the key, Believe!



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