Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its been a week.

I think I spent most of the week grumpy. No matter what I was doing I couldn't pull myself out of that funk. That and it felt like national stupid week happening around me. Every time I turned around I literally thought "what the heck". The snow storm came, that meant my work schedule gets changed, which isn't any of my clients fault, but adds to my grumpiness.

How did I get out of it. Lots of reading on positive thinking and some treadmill running, a few glasses of wine, ;) sleep and trying to focus on the big picture. Easier said then done.

Did it work... yes it did, but it took me all week!

Again its all in the attitude! Although its not always easy to get the attitude right!!!

I've had a great day today and to cap it off, my oldest son just got his first shut out (he's a goalie) of the season!! Nice way to cap off a crappy week!

Something cool happened to me last weekend though. I found out that one of my tweets (my personal twitter account is jennmet) made it into Success Magazine! If you haven't heard of this magazine you really should check it out! Click here!! Both Shannon and I love, love, love this magazine! So it was awesome to see my tweet in print! 140characters but it was my words right there! How cool eh?

Sorry we haven't been posting this week, but gearing into the Christmas season we've both been crazy busy! We'll do better ... promise ;)

Some cool things to come in the next few weeks!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!


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