Sunday, February 28, 2010

Support networks...

Do you have one?

I've been talking to a few friends lately that told me I should write about this. How everyone needs a support network. I don't mean just friends either. I mean a solid group of four to five people you can depend on, talk to, know they won't say a word about ANYTHING you tell them, won't judge you and will give you solid advice.

Gossip spreads fast when you think you're confiding in someone who really truly isn't part of your support network. Trust me I can speak from experience on that one and I have learned my lesson. The hard way.

I'm talking about that small team/friends that you trust everything with. It is the team of people who are truly there for you. My group is five people. My husband being one, my mom and three girlfriends. All of them I can turn to when I feel negative and they don't judge they just help me through it. I can vent to them, again no judgment just help. I completely appreciate having people who support me in every avenue of my life. My work, my studies, my personal life.

I know I can count on this group to help keep my attitude positive and see the big picture, when I'm struggling. I learn from them and I adore them. It is a two way street though. They give and I give back. It is not just me taking. I know that I am part of their support network too! I listen to them, help them just as they do for me!

That said, I know I am in others network of support and I'm fine with that. I love being able to make them feel better and help them.

Think about that group you have around you that does this for you. When you think of them some of the values that should come to mind are acceptance, trust, loyal, open minded, gratitude and giving.

The bottom line is these people ALWAYS make you feel good. Lift your spirits and listen to you and care about your success and happiness.


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  1. Lucky you to have a supportive network! While I can count on my husband for support, I do not have a core group of friends that I have been turning to over the years. I think it is because I have evolved in a different direction from many of my old friends. My newer friends are more aligned however. I go to my friends, whether old or new, for my different needs.