Friday, September 25, 2009

Crisis mode

I debated what to title this but yesterday this was it for me. Why talk about this? Because it happens to all of us. At some point in our lives we end up in a crisis situation. It can major or minor and please note what is a crisis to one, isn't to another. Yesterday, I felt I was in this mode. I was at a client’s house to treat her for her monthly reflexology appointment and she had an angina attack while I was there. Talk about a wakeup call for me. She is fine, but it was an adrenaline pumping moment!!! Your reaction is what matters in a time of crisis. I remained calm the entire time I was there (and yes I even surprised myself) and afterwards I came home to think through what had just happened. Trust me, a few choice words came out too! I was scared.

However, what I did realize from what happened is how important it is for us to live a life in balance; emotionally, mentally and physically. It was a reminder to me that I have a weight loss goal to get back on track with. It was also a reminder to me that we must deal with our every day stress in a way that doesn’t affect our health.

How did I deal with the stress yesterday? For starters I wrote in my gratitude journal. (More to follow on that in another post) and then I chatted with some friends. I’m also booking in a reflexology appointment for myself next week. I went for a walk and played with the kids. All of those things were good to help relax me. Oh and I may have had a glass of wine in there too ;) One glass is okay! Upon reviewing what happened while I was there I realized it was the right timing for me. If I hadn't been there she might not have found her meds. Timing really is everything sometimes.

My bigger point to this post is that you need to take care of yourself especially if you’re in the midst of some sort of crisis. Please find some time for yourself to vent, relax, do something for you even it if it is as simple as writing down some positive thoughts.

Feel free to list some of the things you do to balance yourself out when you’ve had a stressful situation happen in your life.

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