Sunday, September 27, 2009

sunday stress reflief...

We all have too much of it and you know sundays for most people are a kick back and relax type of thing. Shannon and I both have different stress relievers! We thought we'd share our lists!


- go for a walk
- church
- write in my gratitude journal
- watch my kids play hockey at the rink
- go shopping!
- tea/coffee with friends
- family hike
- Sunday football, baseball, hockey (you get the sports theme here lol)
- dinner with friends/family
- read or better yet Chapters trip


- deep breathing
- yoga
- cranking up the tunes and dancing with the kids
- meditation
- reflexology treatment or massage
- home facial
- walking the dog
- running
- reading
- planning my garden
- trip to my parents farm to sit on the porch and watch the horses in the field
- scrapbooking
- writing in my journal
- camping

Notice how I have things that range in their time requirement. Sometimes all I have is 2 mins to take a few deep breaths, sometimes I can make a couple our hours to scrapbook or drive out to the farm to get away.

As you can see, we do different things on sundays to the normal every day stresses out. What do you do?


  1. stress, and learning to handle it is huge!!! Thanks for the ideas of stress relievers!

  2. Wait. What? Exercise? Your Sunday is not like my Sunday or my anyday of the week. Exercise is non existant. I wish I had the will power.