Friday, June 11, 2010

It's a baby!

Here is the official announcement! I apologize for the delay, but I have been recovering and enjoying the time with our new little person.

Holiday Monday May 24th at 10:28pm a baby boy was born.

Marcello was 7lbs, 13ozs and 20 inches long

He came out lightening quick and consequently had a little trouble breathing as all the air sacks in his lungs did not properly expel mucus and breath in air. After 20 mins he was wisked away to the NICU for a full assessment and returned a few hours later with instructions for some blood work ever 3 hours for the next 9 hours. Other than that he is perfect and beautiful and a great baby.

Sorry to disappoint but I haven't loaded any photos on the computer yet but I will get to that soon I hope. The doctor and the delivery were a little hard on me so I am still not moving too quick around here. My 4 year old tires me out most days and the baby is eating every 2-3 hours and I am sleeping whenever possible.

I hoping to feel more human next week and should resume regular posting duties shortly.

You can look forward to hearing about my new challenge of balancing the extra 20 lbs that are left behind (on my behind) from eating too many cookies and baking delights from Stemmlers in Heidelberg. (damn those cream buns and long johns)

Here's hoping an active summer with the kids will Kick this body back into shape.


  1. Congrats Shann! Glad to see you are trying to balance with some rest! You'll get there!