Sunday, January 9, 2011


Alrighty then...

Well we all know I had a baby, and to tell you the truth this was a really hard one for me. maybe because I was so psyched to bounce back right away and keep on moving. I had plans, I had lots of things to do. But having this baby kicked me in the ass and told me to just take a breather and sit. (because that is basically all have been able to do for the past 6 months.

It was only in the month of December that I felt like I could take on more, do more, push myself a little. I knew the second I had taken on too much and had to back down right away or risk having to go back to square one.

It's funny how our bodies and minds can pull us up short when they need too.

I had no time or energy for anything extra. I wasn't even reading other blogs (gasp!). I wasn't even turning the computer on!! (double gasp). I didn't do any scrapbooking except to fill in the baby book I had pre-made before the baby was born. (thank goodness I did that)

It was a struggle just to get through the day not to mention the night (which I was up for most of the time) due to the fact that the baby did not like to sleep through the night. He is still not sleeping through the night consistently.

I am thankful that my body and my mind demanded that I slow down and focus on only the necessities. I really needed that time to be with my baby and to process and let my body and mind recover. I now feel strong in both my mind and my body and feel ready and willing to take on the challenges that my plans for the future will bring. But that is another blog post.....

Here's to beginning again.

I'm back Y'all!

Cheers to 2011!

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