Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New, New, New

So how is everyone doing.

It's been interesting here. On top of recovering from this baby. We had to make some pretty big decisions. Should I go back to my job or not?

Now like most families we are not in a position for me NOT to work...but do I really need to work full time??

As soon as I was on Mat Leave we sat down and had a close look at our finances and make a plan to make our spending and saving work on my Mat Leave income. If we could do this and found it sustainable for 6 months I would start looking for another job that did not require as many hours or that allowed me more flexibility in my hours.

Now finding this kind of job was not going to be easy and was going to take some time...right?

I would have the year to finish up my Life Coaching Certification and to pass a course towards my Financial Planning Certification. It wouldn't be easy but once the two older kids were in school full time I would get an hour here and there while the baby napped right?

6 weeks after the baby was born a classified ad JUMPED out at me! 9-3 a 1/2 day on Friday. Are you kidding me? I would be crazy if I didn't go for it? Could I do this? pull my act together to interview and get the job.

Thankfully they hired someone else, even though I was really, really disappointed, I took it as a sign that fate new I needed time to recover. blah blah blah.

So I was very surprised, shocked when months later I received an email, asking if I would come back in to talk to them. I had settled into a nice routine of baby time, study time and was starting to enjoy getting my household back in order. Maternity Leave budget was working smoothly and everyone was settling nicely into routines. Hell I was even starting to prepare for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

I almost didn't want to go. But the voice inside my head (oh so practical) said "what have you got to lose" "your crazy if you don't go check it out"

Long story short.

I am in the middle of a week 2 of training, 2 weeks that I offered to work for free as incentive for them to hire me.

I have given notice to my previous employer (of 15 YEARS) that I am not coming back and that I am starting a new job next week. I am leaving the security of a larger paycheck, full benefits and pension for a job that will suit my family needs for the next few years. I am hoping our transition to individual health benefits goes smoothly and fairly inexpensively. I hope we can afford this change. I think so...we crunched the numbers every which way. This position just has so much future potential to it. Sometimes you have to go with your gut and your head and not worry about the attack your heart is having.

I will miss my co-workers dearly. This was a tough, tough decision due to various factors.

I am looking forward to New routines, New challenges, a New future!

What's new for you in 2011.


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