Monday, August 9, 2010

Our attitude

I always talk about gratitude, because it so important, but so is our attitude. Sounds simple right? If we can choose our attitude it will adjust our mood, our out look, our life!

Our thoughts really do shape our lives. People scoff at that notion, but is so true.

Think about it.

If you obsess over fear, you only find more fear.

If you dwell on lack of money, you find more financial woes.

If you worry about things, your bring more worry and anxiety to your life.

If you believe that your life will be miserable and bleak that is how you will feel.

If you are thinking that life is unfair all the time, you will see more things around you to prove that thought right!

If you are angry you find more to be angry about!

I'm not saying that we have to be happy 100% of the time because the past few days in my life have been a definite roller-coaster of emotions, but I will come out on top!


Because ultimately I can choose my attitude and realize that what I pay attention to will grow stronger in my life!

So tonight is the "new moon" and one of my friends said Jenn thats a time for new beginnings. Sounds good to me! Every day is a new beginning, but why not start it tonight :)

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