Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Checking in your Word for 2010

Way back in January we challenged you to choose a word to represent this year for you. My word for 2010 is success!

Now the second part of that challenge was to constantly remind yourself of your word. Such as scrapbook it, print it on a sticky note and put it by your computer. I found a little metal key with the word "success" engraved on it. It sits near my computer. I also wrote my word on a few sticky notes and placed them around my work space and my study space and I am reading a few books on success.

My current one is by the greats Napoleon Hill and W. Clemment Stone! It is called, 'Success through a Positive Mental Attitude'. You can find it on line here.

Their theory is you either have PMA as in Positive Mental Attitude working for you or NMA which is Negative Mental Attitude. We have both all the time, it just depends which one you choose to use!

It all goes back to the theory that attitude is everything. The same thing we preach here too. I am only on chapter three so far but I'm loving the book. After I'm finished reading I will give a brief over view of it!

What have you been doing to remind yourself of your 2010 word?

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